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Setting Goals for Families

A Thought from Cara…. The New Year often brings opportunities to set new goals. It can be a fresh start and often a chance to refocus and start new activities and skills. This same opportunity should occur for your sons/daughters and the people you support. The New Year brings a chance to revamp or critique what is working, and what is not. Take the time to sit down as a team and go through current goals. Do they still fit? Have they been achieved? Does the team need new goals – new aspirations?

Goal writing is not an easy skill for most. If you are struggling with goal writing, try to create and separate goals into 4 different categories:

1. Personal/Life Skill Goals

Cara will learn to make coffee independently

2. Relationship Building Goals

Cara will invite 2 different people to her home for coffee before Easter

3.Participation Within My Community Goals (community inclusion)

Cara will start volunteering as an usher at church once a month

4.Responsibilities (new or old).

Cara will vacuum her room and the family room weekly

Remember that goals should be based around quality skills, events and relationships. It is typical that goals are re-evaluated and changed quarterly. No matter what format you end up choosing, always keep in mind that goals should always be Positive, Possible and Measurable.

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