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Family and Self-Advocacy Leadership

The Hidden Leader; Families and Self-Advocates Steering Agencies in the Right Direction

“If life is like a car… families are the steering wheel”

This interactive workshop will explore the important team relationship between families, self-advocates and staff.  Participants will learn how agencies can support these experienced groups to assist staff when creating positive and sustainable change. This workshop will look at the wisdom of professionals, families and self-advocates and what happens when anyone on the team becomes isolated and uninformed.  Participants will leave with a better understanding of “how” and “where” leadership can occur within their own agencies, and how to get this leadership activated.

Workshop Contents:

  • Why is family leadership so critical?
  • Why is self-advocacy so critical?
  • How can staff best work with families to create and maintain a team environment?
  • What are specific ways that self-advocates can be leaders?

Workshop Length: 3 hours

To Book: (403) 764-1365 or email Maximum 30 people.