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Finding Value in My Day – Two Day Workshop

Finding Value Within My Day

How can we create purpose for staff and the people they support?”

Workshop Length: 2 Days

8:30am – 4:30pm

To Book: Call (403) 764-1365 or email

Maximum 30 participants

New staff working with people with disabilities often do not understand the importance and purpose of their own jobs.  This two-day workshop will teach staff about how to support people with disabilities in having a value filled day.

Day One Content:

What are the words?

  • How to talk about people in a respectful way
  • Why person first language is important

Life in the Institution – what was it like?

  • What life was like for people living in institutions & the effect that has on their lives
  • The history of the field and how much things have changed

In Partnership with the Community – is inclusion really possible?

  • Importance of working to include people in their existent community
  • Difficulties of the job: how to support people with disabilities, when the community does not seem interested in including them
  • Creating mutually beneficial relationships between people with disabilities and their communities

The Power of an Advocate

  • Why is it important to advocate for people with disabilities?
  • The important balance between advocacy and “invisible support”

Day 2 Morning:

Creating Quality Roles and Relationships for People with Disabilities

“How can we support people to have purpose and value within their day?”

Within this practical workshop, participants will learn about the power of creating valued roles for adults with disabilities. The workshop will also examine the threat of people with disabilities becoming tourists in their own community. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to improve the quality of someone’s day, based on building genuine relationships rather than only supporting them in activities.

  • How can we support people in a purpose filled day, rather than activities
  • Aiming to support people through purpose and roles, rather then “filling time”.

Day 2 Afternoon:

The Hidden Leader; Families and Self-advocates Steering Agencies in the Right Direction

“If life is like a car… families are the steering wheel”

This interactive workshop will explore the power of families and self-advocates and how agencies can support these experienced groups to assist staff when creating positive and sustainable change. This workshop will look at the wisdom of families and self-advocates and what happens when families become isolated and uninformed.  Participants will leave with a better understanding of “how” and “where” leadership can occur within their own agencies, and how to get this leadership activated.

  • Why is family leadership so critical?
  • How can staff best work with families to create and maintain a team environment?