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More than a Visitor

More Than a Visitor

“How can we support seniors living in assisted living?

This workshop will examine how we can support seniors living in assisted living, to feel like they are “home”. Participants will examine the difference between staying at a hotel and staying at home.  Many hotels are very nice, with great staff, but often times people are “home sick” during a long stay away. This workshop will focus on simple, daily things that staff can do to increase people’s feelings of “being at home”.

Workshop Contents:

  • What is the difference between visiting and living?
  • What can always be found, no matter where you live?
  • How can we increase the feeling of “home”?
  • How can we decrease the feeling of “visiting”?

Workshop Length: 1 hour

To Book: (403) 764-1365 or email

Maximum 30 people.