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Teacher and Support Aid Training Opportunities

Teacher and Support Aid Training Opportunities

What can Cara do for your school?


Timeframe: Between 1-3 hours in length

Topic: May include the ideas listed below OR topics determined by school.

This type of training is flexible in terms of topics and time necessary.  It includes practical ideas and examples of how to better support children with disabilities within schools.  These seminars are based on specific scenarios that teachers and support aids deal with in the classroom. Topics may include:

  1. 1. What are the words?
  • How to talk about children with disabilities in a respectful way
  • Why person first language is important
  1. 2. What exactly is inclusion?
  • An examination of the difference between segregation, integration and inclusion
  • Creating mutually beneficial relationships between children with disabilities and their peers

  1. 3. Where have we been?
  • What life was like for children who lived in institutions and the effect that has on their lives
  • The power of the families within Southern Alberta – a historical look at why our area is famous for advocacy and change
  1. 4. Children just want friends!
  • How to encourage children with disabilities to have more opportunities for friendship
  • Looking at the important role staff play in supporting children with disabilities to create and maintain friendships

Who is Cara Milne of M-Powered Planning Ltd?

Cara Milne is the owner of M-Powered Planning Ltd., a business that promotes positive and valuable roles for people with disabilities. Cara provides training and consulting that is innovative and practical for both teachers and families.

The variety of workshops and seminars encourage staff and families to see the strengths of their existing services, and simple strategies that create positive changes in the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Cara’s positive and energetic approach supports both common sense and sustainable change.

Cara’s Seminars will help teachers and/or support aids continue to find creative techniques to support children with disabilities in their classrooms.

Cara is also a Past- President of the Lethbridge Association for Community Living, and is employed as an instructor with the Disability and Community Rehabilitation Program at the Lethbridge College.

How to Contact Cara?

For information on an upcoming Training Series or a listing of possible workshop topics, prices or to book training for your school, please contact::

Cara Milne (403) 764-1365