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Understanding the History of the Field

Understanding the Past

“Examine the history of the disability field”

Staff working with people with disabilities often do not understand the importance and purpose of their own jobs. This half day workshop will teach staff about the history of the field and the changes in staff roles.

Workshop Contents:

What are the words?

  • Why person first language is important and the importance of not using behaviour and labels to overshadow the value of the person.

The History:

  • The history of institutions and how they have evolved.
  • The consequences for people who lived in institutions, their families and our community.

What is your Role?

  • Examining the changes in staff roles: What was the job like 50 years ago? What is required today? What will the job include in the future?

The Importance of Advocacy!

  • The delicate balance between advocacy and invisible support.

Workshop Length: 3 hours

To Book: (403) 764-1365 or email

Maximum 30 people.