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Consulting Services

“How can we actually make changes here??”

Are you looking for training more specific for your own agency and staff? Sometimes a fresh and objective perspective can help problem-solve reoccurring concerns. Cara can meet with small groups of staff, team leaders or supervisors to discuss concerns and issues that affect the specific service provider. The common areas that are usually requested are:

  • Opportunity to apply concepts learned within training.
  • An examination of specific scenario’s and how services can be offered differently.
  • How to improve existing calendar of activities and events.
  • How to support family and self-advocate leadership within service provision.
  • How to create and maintain meaningful goals
  • How to improve team meetings and communication skills
  • How to change focus of service delivery, and celebrate existing success.

A detailed report for the agency, containing all recommendations, is included in the cost.

To Book: (403) 764-1365 or email