A Search for Meaningful Moments

3 Hour Workshop

“How can we support people to have purpose & value in their day?”

This practical workshop will focus on the power of creating valued roles for children or adults with disabilities. Those attending will leave with a better understanding of how to improve the quality of someone’s day, based on building genuine relationships and roles, rather than only supporting them in activities.

This workshop will also examine ways in which people with disabilities can increase their involvement and contribution in their surrounding community. Cara will give some first steps in how to support people with disabilities to lead inclusive and value filled lives.

Workshop Contents:

  • What does it really mean to be included? A look at the difference between integrated and inclusive experiences.
  • Where is the community?
  • How do we start to connect to the community?
  • What are valued roles? How can we apply this information to our work?
  • How can I shift to focus more on roles, rather than just activities?
  • How do I build up dignity and self-esteem for people I care about?

Workshop Length: 3 hours

To book call Cara Milne: (403)764-1365 or email: [email protected]