Building Community and Contribution at Home

Loving My Home…Building a Neighbourhood

This dynamic workshop will focus on the value of home, while supporting people with disabilities to have contribution and responsibility. Explore the important shift from being a guest to belonging in a neighbourhood. Learn practical skills for building a connected and safer neighbourhood for everyone.

Discussions will also include practical and possible ways for the atmosphere to shift from a house to “my home”. Conversations will include how people can better clearly show ownership and personality, in their own homes.

 Workshop Contents:

  • How can we support people to build up responsibility at home?
  • How do we build up relationships at home?
  • How do we stop being a guest on our own street?
  • How do we reach out to the community?
  • What are the barriers to connecting with neighbours?
  • Where do we begin?

Workshop Length: 2-3 hours         

To book call Cara Milne: (403)764-1365 or email: [email protected]