Building Community and Contribution at School

How can we support children to build up contribution and community?

This practical workshop will focus on the power of creating valued roles and relationships for all children within school settings. Cara will examine ways in which children can increase their contribution within their classrooms and the surrounding community.

Professionals who attend this workshop will have simple first steps in how to support children, with and without disabilities, to build community right where they are! The conversation will also include the consequences of what happens when support teams unintentionally get in the way of children connecting with their peers and the opportunities that surround them. Participants will learn to try not to pass that crayon!

 Possible Workshop Contents:

  • What are the words? The power of language and attitude.
  • What does it really mean to be included? A look at the difference between integrated and inclusive experiences.
  • How do we help a child build up self-esteem and dignity?
  • How can support teams give the space for children to succeed?
  • How can I shift to focus more on roles, rather than just activities?
  • How do I support a child to build up relationships?

Workshop Length: 2-3 hours

To book call Cara Milne: (403)764-1365 or email: [email protected]